Yom HaShoah Messages – Holocaust Remembrance Day

The ideas and emotions communicated on Yom HaShoah often referred to as the Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust, have a great deal of weight and import. Especially to the families of the six million Jewish martyrs, who had their loved ones taken away from them in the most heinous way that was humanly imaginable. Let us treat one another with reverence on this day that is set aside to remember those who died in the Holocaust.

Let us also make an effort to be kinder and more humble than we normally are. Greetings on Yom HaShoah are not only a custom that is practised on this day, but they are also a courteous way to commemorate the suffering that your fellow Jewish people have gone through as a result of the Holocaust.

The following are some Holocaust Remembrance Day and Yom HaShoah remarks and comments that are suitable for broadcasting on social media, sending via SMS, or placing in greeting cards.

It’s possible that reading these words and phrases will be interesting to you as well. Let us, on this Yom HaShoah and Holocaust Memorial Day 2022, pay tribute to all of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust in order to bring to the attention of the world the atrocities that were committed during the Holocaust. This will be done in order to bring about the Holocaust memorial day in 2022.

Yom HaShoah Messages – Holocaust Remembrance Day

🕯 This Yom HaShoah let’s promise to never forget about the atrocity and say no to inhumanity.

🕯 To all the survivors of the holocaust, thanks for holding on and sharing your experience with the world. We bleed and cry with you.

🕯 This Yom HaShoah, let’s take an oath to protect humanity and respect those who were lost in the holocaust. May peace be here with us.

🕯 We will never forget who helped and saved lies during the holocaust- remembering everyone with huge respect on this Yom HaShoah.

🕯 Let’s sing triumph of the age-old prophetic vision of the world of harmony and peace. Huge respect for Yom HaShoah.

🕯 May this Yom HaShoah be a reminder to be more kind and human to everyone around us. Hope justice will always be served.

🕯 Let’s always remember all those who suffered during the holocaust and show respect on this Yom HaShoah and every day.

🕯 Sending all our love and respect to people who risked their lives to save even one person during the holocaust. Be Lord bless you.

🕯 All those who were lost during the holocaust, on this Yom HaShoah, we remember you and bore you in our hearts.

🕯 In this time of year, let’s remember to speak up against what’s wrong and not tolerate torture. Sending respect and love to this Yom HaShoah.

🕯 Let’s remember all the inhumane deeds and names that were called on the ghettos camps during the holocaust and be more kind to people.

🕯 May the horrific days of the holocaust be remembered as what the world should never repeat in its existence.

🕯 Nothing like the holocaust may ever happen again. Let us celebrate this Holocaust Remembrance Day with humanity and respect in our hearts.

🕯 The memories of the holocaust must be too petrifying to remember so let’s be respectful and kind.

🕯 May the inhumanity and torture that the Germans did during the holocaust may never return and the world be a better place to live in.

🕯 Hope by telling the holocaust tales to future generations we convey the right message and make them kinder and empathetic towards others.

🕯 Remember the roots, the stories during the holocaust and be respectful as they have endured so much.

🕯 The survivors may not need as they lived the days but surely the holocaust Remembrance Day is a reminder for the rest of the world to know what had happened.

🕯 Let’s pray on this Holocaust Remembrance Day that the survivor’s justice and dignity be served.

🕯 Celebrate this Holocaust Remembrance Day by lighting your heart with love and respect. Best wishes.

🕯 “To me, the Holocaust stands alone as the most horrible human event in modern civilization.” – Robert Shapiro

🕯 “If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews, instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example.” – Anne Frank

🕯 “The Holocaust also shows us how a combination of events and attitudes can erode a society’s democratic values.” – Tim Holden

🕯 “Do you know why most survivors of the Holocaust are vegan? It’s because they know what it’s like to be treated like an animal.” – Chuck Palahniuk

🕯 “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.” – Elie Wiesel

🕯 “We demand that people don’t deny the Holocaust, and we can’t ignore the tragedy of another nation.” – Reuven Rivlin

🕯 “Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.” – Yehuda Bauer

🕯 “Six million of our people live on in our hearts. We are their eyes that remember. We are their voice that cries out. The dreadful scenes flow from their dead eyes to our open ones. And those scenes will be remembered exactly as they happened.” – Shimon Peres

🕯 “Yom HaShoah is a vital day in the Jewish calendar, providing us with a focal point for our remembrance. We cannot bring the dead back to life, but we can bring their memory back to life and ensure they are not forgotten. We can undertake in our lives to do what they were so cruelly prevented from doing in theirs.” – Jonathan Sacks

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