110 Best Engagement Wishes For Friend

You’re stumped as to what to put on your engagement card. It’s a great way to send your best wishes and congrats to the newly engaged couple! When you send an engagement card to a couple, you have the opportunity to share your joy and enthusiasm for their impending nuptials.

Sending a customized card to a close friend or family member who has recently announced their engagement is a considerate gift. If you’re having trouble coming up with the right words to express your congratulations to the newlyweds, we’ve put together this guide to help you come up with some great ideas for an engagement card message.

Anyone who desires to congratulate a newly engaged couple is expected to send them an engagement card. Here’s your time to show the soon-to-be-weds how happy and excited you are for them. Sending a card to congratulate a friend or family member on their engagement is a meaningful gesture, regardless of who it is.

So when is the greatest moment to congratulate the newlyweds on their engagement? It doesn’t matter when you offer engagement wishes, although it’s best to do it after the engagement announcement and before the wedding.

To express your best wishes after you’ve already celebrated their wedding would be a waste of time. The sooner you send your congratulations on the couple’s engagement, the better since they will still be reeling from the joy of their good news when they get your card.

Another option is to wait until the couple invites you to their engagement celebration to send the engagement card. Is it necessary to provide a gift with your congratulations on your engagement? Don’t feel forced to provide an engagement present; an engagement card may be delivered with or without a gift, depending on your circumstances.

If you’ve been asked to a party to celebrate the couple’s engagement, the invitation should tell you what attire is suitable. For a get-together with pals at your neighborhood pub (particularly if you’re pitching in for drinks), a congrats on your engagement card is ideal.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t show up for a formal engagement invitation without a gift. Determine if the couple has registered or selected something for their house that they both appreciate, such as a picture frame or a bottle of bubbly, to give them.

You can make an impression with a meaningful handmade engagement card, regardless of the setting. Be specific about what you want to say to the pair and how you feel about them as a couple. Is it for a close friend or family member?

Select heartfelt engagement greetings that convey your joy. Consider inserting a Bible passage or a Torah phrase if the couple is religious. Standard greeting cards from the local stationery store, handwritten cards, little tags attached to presents, and even basic, digitally prepared engagement messages are all viable options for engagement cards. An engagement proposal may be personalized in numerous ways.

Are you at a loss for what to do to commemorate newly engaged friends or family members? Any couple’s engagement is a joyous and significant event. However, writing an engagement card might be a challenge. Congratulate the newly engaged couple with these heartfelt congrats greetings.

Being loved by someone you care about is a wonderful sensation. It’s critical to verbally communicate your feelings of love. Our busy schedules must not prevent us from remembering the important milestones in our friends and family’s lives.

Because celebrations should not be based on causes, we should endeavor to celebrate such occasions. People will know that they are important to you because of this, and they will know that you will never forget about them, no matter how hectic your day is.

As well as wishing someone a happy birthday, you can also express your thoughts in person. You’ll be able to communicate your feelings better with the aid of these desires. It is possible to obtain speech decoration ideas while still expressing your heartfelt devotion to those you care about.

I imagine that your friend’s engagement is a huge thing for you. Immediately after receiving this wonderful news, you should email your buddy a heartfelt congratulations. There are a lot of places to hunt for engagement wishes for your closest buddy, who is getting married shortly.

We’ve compiled a list of humorous and heartfelt engagement wishes that you may send to your best friend or anybody else planning a wedding soon. Be a part of this momentous occasion and help them on their illustrious path.

Best Engagement Wishes For Friend

🤗 May the love and devotion you two hold for each other continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Sending you love and blessing on your engagement.

🤗 Sending love and happiness your way. Have a great life together. Congratulations!!

🤗 Wishing both of you a world of happiness and joy on this wonderful day. Congratulations on your engagement, we are so delighted for you!

🤗 Best wishes for a great life together that waits ahead of you. Happy engagement.

🤗 You two have always been tight and inspired me to look forward. I’m really, very happy for you. Praying for all the good things for you two! Happy engagement. Love you!

🤗 Best Wishes on your Engagement. Wishing you the very best as you begin to plan your lives together. May your sweet pair always be happy.

🤗 I am so happy for both of you. May the Lord bless you with endless joy. Happy engagement.

🤗 Engagement means to be committed to being engaged with a new person who is going to be yours and you are going to be his/her. Best Wishes to you!

🤗 Engagement party, bachelor party, wedding party, anniversary party, kid’s birthday party… Wow, your engagement seems to mark the beginning of endless partying. I can’t wait, congratulations.

🤗 We wish you, everlasting love. May you be a blessing to each other. Hold on to the love that binds you!

🤗 What a catch you made for your life! Do call me on your expenditure days. Have a happy engagement.

🤗 There have been a lot of emotions from seeing my best friend get engaged. On one hand, I am happy that you found someone that fits you so well.

🤗 Congratulations on settling down. Sending you all warm wishes. Lots of love, dear.

🤗 The engagement ring you have on your finger is absolutely stunning. Congratulations on finding a man/woman with such an eye for style.

🤗 You’re such a lovely couple. We rejoice with you as you celebrate your engagement. May you be blessed in your journey as you take your love to a higher level. Best Wishes!

🤗 I am very surprised to hear about your Engagement, Congratulations on your new Life. Enjoy your sweet engagement!

🤗 I still cannot believe that you are getting engaged. I am super happy for you but tell me what is next? Getting pregnant on purpose? May God bless you two.

🤗 You were the first of our friends to start dating, but the last to get engaged. It’s not that you’re a late bloomer, you just waited for the perfect man/woman.

🤗 You guys are made for each other. Super happy on your engagement, guys.

🤗 It means you two have been pretty serious, damn! Congratulations on your engagement guys.

🤗 My dear friend, take my cordial wishes for your engagement. I’m not here to attend or hug you for this event but I’m very eager to meet you as soon as possible.

🤗 I never thought I would see you settling down. Happy engagement, dear. Lots of love, now and always.

🤗 Feels unreal but super happy about your engagement. Cheers to love and friendship, dear.

🤗 On this exciting and joyful occasion, I am praying to God to bless you with all the happiness, dear best friend. I love you two, so much. Congratulations, guys.

🤗 I still cannot believe this is happening. Congratulations, guys. I’m always here to help you plan your wedding. I really can’t wait to celebrate with you!

🤗 I am emotional because we have grown so much, and now you are engaged, and I get to watch you start your life with your partner. This is magical. Congratulations.

🤗 As your best friend, I have seen you both grow as a person together. Wishing you both lots of love, happiness, joy, and many cherished moments together. Happy Engagement.

🤗 Growing up, we always dreamed of our future wedding days and how wonderful they would be. Now yours is finally here! May the day be everything you ever wanted and the life ahead be more than you could have ever imagined. Congratulations, best friend!

🤗 Do you remember when we were little girls playing house with our dolls? Now, you are ready to play house for real, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Congratulations on the engagement and best wishes for the years to come.

🤗 Being your childhood friend, I know all your good, bad and dirty secrets. You better host a luxurious and special engagement party for me or else I will tell your fiancée everything. Congratulations mate.

🤗 On your engagement, I am celebrating here by giving away all the empty bottles we drank together. From now on, it’s you and your fiancée after all. Have a happy engagement dear best friend.

🤗 Best friend, our friendship has meant the world to me. You’ve always been there for me whenever I needed you. While I never wanted to have to share you, you couldn’t have picked a better person for me to share you with. You two make a wonderful couple. Congratulations!

🤗 Who cares about your engagement? I can’t wait to go shopping for your wedding gown with you as your bridesmaid. Congratulations.

🤗 Friend, I am with you as you say goodbye to your freedom. You have all my sympathy, but don’t expect to be near you as you take your frequent calls from your fiancé. Have a glorious engagement.

🤗 The bachelor brigade has lost one of their own. Congratulations to you buddy, but we are mourning the loss of a fallen soldier.

🤗 I heard you are getting engaged buddy. Congratulations on your engagement. I really wish your fiancé gets all wet with champagne when you uncork the bottle for a cheer.

🤗 On your engagement I am celebrating here by giving away all the empty bottles we drank together. From now on, it’s you and your fiancé after all. Have a happy engagement dear friend.

🤗 Through this card, I send only wishes and nothing else. Were you expecting a gift too? Sorry, the card can carry only a message and nothing else. Have a happy engagement buddy.

🤗 Cupid took too long to get you both to slip engagement rings on each other’s fingers. Better late than never, I guess. Congratulations.

🤗 To my friend, I wish you a happy engagement ceremony. I hope your partner knows how much you drank last night and not leave you with a glass of wine rather than the engagement ring.

🤗 Marriage is like a public toilet, those waiting outside are desperate to get in and those inside are desperate to come out. But you shouldn’t be fearful!

🤗 Friend, I am sad that you took my advice too seriously. I asked you for getting into a relationship, not to devote all the time to that fatso, and not have time for me. Have a happy engagement.

🤗 People celebrate when they get out of prison. But you are celebrating the fact that you are turning yourself in, for life. Congratulations nevertheless.

🤗 I am just sad that you fell into the trap. I am still there when you need to hide from that ‘nerd’ fiancé of yours. Have a happy engagement ahead.

🤗 So, you are actually engaged? My deepest condolences to your fiancé who barely has clues on what is going to happen to their life. Joking, I am really happy for you.

🤗 I am still super shocked that you managed to score such an amazing person while being so stupid. Congratulations. Can’t wait to party hard.

🤗 I never thought anyone would actually agree to marry you in their sane self but look at that! Extremely happy for you, best friend! Congrats on your engagement.

🤗 I hope now you will stop laughing at your fiancé’s choices as you are one of them. Ha-ha. Really happy for you two. I cannot wait for our group hug.

🤗 Your ring looks pretty, and your fiancé seems ok- so I guess you are winning at life? Congratulations on your catch! Now, we lead a great life together.

🤗 Congratulations on your engagement! You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this would be just the start of a long and wonderful journey.

🤗 Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated together, this one tops the list. Congratulations!

🤗 Congratulations on this wonderful commitment to each other. I know you two are made for each other. May you always stay in love for the rest of your lives.

🤗 Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy to call both of you my friends, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

🤗 Engaged is a synonym for busy. Now you can officially ward off your friends and family from disturbing you because you are ‘engaged.’ Congratulations!

🤗 Congratulations on your engagement ceremony, may you live happily. It’s my prayers for you all worlds to be on your feet and may you have prosperity!

🤗 May your companionship be strengthened as your love blooms every single day. Marriage can be a bumpy ride but you have each other by your side. Congratulations on your engagement.

🤗 I know your marriage will be as strong and last as long as our friendship. Congrats on your engagement!

🤗 Engagement means having cared for someone, caring for those who do not live in front of your eyes. Congratulations on your new life.

🤗 Hearty congratulations on your engagement. Do send me over the ‘champagne and wine’ bottles untouched. After all, I also need to celebrate for a longer period with my friend getting engaged.

🤗 May your love for each other always shine brightly! Well wishes on your engagement!” – Anonymous

🤗 “Love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”

🤗 “A happy man marries the girl he loves; a happier man loves the girl he marries.”

🤗 “You don’t need to be on the same wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other’s waves.” – Toni Sierra Poynter

🤗 “A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.” – Anne Taylor Fleming

🤗 “True love is neither physical nor romantic but is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.”

🤗 “An engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story.”

🤗 I am so fortunate that I can call you mine, and I promise to put every effort to keep it this way.

🤗 In you, I’ve found my missing pieces, and I want to be by your side till eternity passes away.

🤗 Through every thick and thin, I’ve always found you beside me. Happy engagement to the love of my life.

🤗 With that ring, I gave you the ownership of my heart. Every single moment I live is committed to loving you. Happy engagement, my beloved.

🤗 You are an angel who turned my world into heaven. I can’t wait to make you my life partner officially.

🤗 Tightly hold each other’s hands and accomplish each of your aims. In this new chapter of life, I wish you the best.

🤗 I still can’t believe the silly teen I used to know is now an adult and engaged! Congratulations, buddy.

🤗 Seeing you two together makes me believe in love. Wishing you a happy marriage.

🤗 Your love story makes fairy tales seem real. I pray for your happiness ever after.

🤗 Putting the ring on your finger, I gave you my promise to stick with you till the end. Happy engagement, my love.

🤗 Every day I spend with you feels magical. I don’t want to miss this magic for a single moment in my life. Just waiting so dearly to make you mine forever!

🤗 A thousand years filled with happiness is nothing compared to a day I spend with you. Your love is the biggest miracle in my life. Happy engagement!

🤗 This day is special for both of us, we will cherish all the moments of this day forever during our marriage.

🤗 We have just exchanged rings and now it feels like our souls are connected to each other. Happy engagement, my soon-to-be life partner!

🤗 Finally, the day has arrived when I will get engaged to you. We are not only getting engaged, we will be binding our souls together for our love to reach the highest height in heaven.

🤗 We both shall attach an invincible connection between our hearts on this day when we make each other wear the rings.

🤗 Our love will finally reach its destination today! Cannot wait any longer to become your soul mate.

🤗 You are a piece of heaven I have found on earth and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. Happy engagement, darling.

🤗 I still can’t believe that you chose me to spend your life with. Thank you for completing me, my love. Happy engagement.

🤗 Happy engagement, my partner for eternity. Being with you feels like home and building our home together is everything I dream of now.

🤗 May you find the spirit to go further in life, hand in hand with your beloved. Best wishes on your engagement!

🤗 Can’t believe my baby sister is on her way to being a bride! I wish you a happy engagement and a lovely wedding.

🤗 It seems as if yesterday we were kids playing with mud and now, you’re engaged! Sending love and blessings.

🤗 May Almighty bestow his blessings upon the token of love that your husband will give you today. Begin your journey of love with full joy!

🤗 Cherish the precious ring and also be responsible for preserving it, as it symbolizes the bond of love between you two.

🤗 You are looking like a princess today. I’m sure your partner is so happy to have you as his life partner. Congratulations my dear sister!

🤗 Seeing how happy you make each other; I can’t help being excited for your future together. Congratulations!

🤗 You will be taking up the responsibility for the woman of your life by getting engaged today. Take the responsibility sincerely. My best wishes are with you.

🤗 As you get engaged today, make a promise of demolishing any reason that brings tears to the eyes of your wife. Congratulations to you both!

🤗 I have watched you grow up to become this amazing man, and your wedding is a dream coming true. Much love to you two.

🤗 The thought of seeing you as a groom makes me happy in ways I can’t possibly explain. Godspeed!

🤗 May your marriage life be filled with bliss and trust the instant you both exchange rings. Have a great marriage life ahead!

🤗 May you get all the blessings of all the angels of heaven so that you can begin the journey of companionship with bliss.

🤗 Enjoy today’s special day wholeheartedly and preserve all the moments in your memory, especially the memory of exchanging the rings.

🤗 It will be such a great feeling to see you both walking down the aisle together, holding each other’s hand like a prince and his princess. Congratulations bro!

🤗 I’m so happy that you have finally found your soulmate in life. Treasure her and her love in your heart and never let anything take you apart from each other. Happy engagement!

🤗 You haven’t only found yourself a life partner, you’ve got us a family member too. I’m proud of you both.

🤗 May the unification of your hearts lead you to blissful family life. Congratulations on your engagement!

🤗 Seeing you take the first step towards building your lives together, I feel delighted. Congratulations dear friend!

🤗 By bringing you two together, God once again proved that he’s the best decision-maker. Happy engagement.

🤗 Congratulations! I pray for the love in your hearts and the smiles on your faces to stay intact, forever.

🤗 Many happy returns to our engagement day. The memories of that day are still so fresh in my mind; just like my love for you, always so fresh and new.

🤗 You always make me feel like I’m living inside a paradise of love and happiness. Thank you for loving me so much. Happy engagement day!

🤗 Seeing the dream of our togetherness come true is overwhelming my heart by thinking about the beautiful journey of love that will begin today.

🤗 Today our soul is getting bonded forever; I promise to support you during hard times and to be your strength forever.

🤗 As we are about to ride the boat to accomplish the journey of love, we will face many ups and downs, but we will face it all together.

🤗 Along with sharing days of our life together, I promise to share with you my confidence, strength, happiness and everything that belongs to me is yours.

🤗 From today onward, along with sharing the bond of love we will take care of each other’s loved ones and take up responsibilities to look after them equally.

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