90+ Funny Get Well Soon Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

The people who get your amusing “get well soon” SMS may find it difficult to contain a smile at the concept of how much you care about them. This is true even if they are feeling depressed because of their illness. Sending some humorous get well soon messages to a loved one in the hope that it will make them feel better and put a fantastic grin on their face is sure to do the job.

You may send these messages in the hope that it will make them feel better and put them in a better mood. Sending these words is a foolproof method for getting what you want. You should make an effort to cheer up your close friends, family members, coworkers, or loved ones who are ill by thinking kind thoughts about them and offering your most sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery from their condition. This can be done by sending them to get well soon messages on social media or by sending them handwritten notes.

This may be a highly powerful method for improving someone’s mood and making them feel better about themselves. If you are looking for something hilarious to put in a get-well card, have a look at the variety of get-well soon messages that we have provided below. However, before you send other people amusing get-well-soon letters, you should exercise some caution and make sure that the contents are acceptable for the connection with which you are linked. Only then should you send such letters.

90+ Funny Get Well Soon Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

😝Don’t worry, you’ll get well soon. Viruses will get tired of you pretty soon.

😝You must be enjoying all the attention of people towards you. Get well soon because I need some attention too.

😝Get well soon and come back. We are all waiting to know what hospital food tastes like.

😝I bought some of your favorite chocolates but your doctor said you are not allowed to eat them. So, will you get well soon or I eat them all?

😝There is one thing you know better than anyone else – how to get sick. Just joking. Get better soon.

😝If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now!

😝I think you are enjoying this ‘falling ill’ situation too much. Have a swift recovery now, dear.

😝Your mom told me you were sick, so I made you a get-well cupcake. But, I ate it, so get well.

😝Now and again I believed that you are some sort of strong, however now I realize that you are human as well. Get well when possible.

😝I told your mom that I’m praying for your quick recovery. So, get well soon and make my prayers true, otherwise, I’ll stop doing so.

😝In the event that I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That is the reason I’m appealing to God for you to get well now!

😝Writing these several lines in order to encourage you, because I know you a nervous person. Have a very quick recovery and get well soon.

😝I decided to send you a get-well card, and then I realized that I don’t know what to say besides getting well. So, get well!

😝Here are my get well wishes to you. I hate seeing you blue, so kick this bug in the butt and have a speedy recovery.

😝“Laughter offers you the quickest recoveries of all” – the kind of joke they tell you when you’re lying on a hospital bed with a zombie’s face. Get well soon!

😝Get better already, or I might just replace you with someone healthy who will send me cute texts every morning.

😝I knew you were lazy but laying in the hospital bed all day is a bit extreme. Get well soon.

😝Even missing you is boring to me these days, please get well soon and come back.

😝Staying away is fine, but staying away in a hospital bed is not. Get well soon, love.

😝Get well soon, so we can have our next dates in a posh restaurant rather than a hospital canteen.

😝I know you want some special attention. But honey, this isn’t the right way. Please get well soon.

😝What’s the virus doing with you? Tell that virus you are taken forever. Get well soon.

😝Even viruses can’t resist someone charming like you. Hoping for your fast recovery.

😝You just needed a HUGacetamol and a KISSpirin to get well. You are sick because you miss me so.

😝You have no right to get sick. Remember, you are my hero. You are supposed to be strong.

😝You could’ve just told me you wanted me to bring you some flowers. You didn’t have to get sick.

😝Get well soon, love. I can’t stand that you have to eat bland food all day.

😝Get well soon, so we may continue to make fun of you without feeling awful.

😝No, I don’t miss you, but instead, I’m curious what the hospital food tastes like so get well and come back soon.

😝As soon as your mother informed me that you are sick, I got some strawberries. I ate them, so get better.

😝I hear that the nurses in the hospital are hot! You might not want to get better too fast if it’s true.

😝I love you brother. But until you get better, let’s maintain social distancing.

😝You are stealing my attention being in sickbed all the time. Get well soon quickly, will you?

😝Your first job after becoming healthy is to buy me food from my favorite restaurant.

😝Just get well soon already, or else I am ready to smash your other good leg too.

😝If I tell you to ‘get well soon’ that means you need to get better right away.

😝Tell that virus some jokes. Your horrible humor might scare it away, sister. Get well soon.

😝Disease? You can always punch it in the face, right? Get well soon, dear sister. We love you.

😝I know getting food served in your bed feels really nice, and all, but you need to get well soon too.

😝Hoping for your fast recovery, so you stop getting all the special treatment. I’m jealous of you.

😝Only love can cure everything. So, dear, I’m sending my heartfelt love to you. Accept it and feel it in your heart. You’ll surely get well soon!

😝There are so many ways of getting fat and fluffy, lying in a hospital bed isn’t just one of them. So please get well soon and get off of it.

😝I know I’m not an exciting, fabulous boyfriend, but at least I’m more interesting than some white bedsheets and some tasteless hospital foods. Get well soon!

😝You look bad not because you are sick but because you are not allowed to use makeup now. Just kidding! Get well soon!

😝Sick people need to be quarantined. You are not allowed to kiss your boyfriend.

😝The nurse that looked after you the other day was really beautiful. I hope she has a beautiful heart too. She will definitely get you recovered soon!

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