7 Steps on How To Deal and Overcome Insecurity In A Relationship

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Every person brings into a relationship their own personal issues. And when you have met a partner with whom you are completely consitent, your luggage can get unpacked and cause problems.

To be overwhelmed by uncertainty in a relationship will obviously fall under the category “It’s me, not you” why things could fail.

You would like to try to avoid this uncertainty from rotting before that happens and they trigger arguments.

Here’s what you should consider:

Overcome and deal with insecurity in your relation

1. Cutting out the Comparison

Feeling uncertain in a relationship frequently tends to be associated with jealousy and typically begins when you compare yourself with others. 

Specifically, you equate yourself to the past relationships with your partner. These people could be gone for a long time, or even in different state.You’ll feel as if you’re not looking as cool or as pleasant as those flames of the past.

That can cause you to begin to think the same way about whoever passes into your partner’s purview.

That is why you want the differences to be left out. The person with whom you are in relation is with you. 

If they were looking for something else, then you just wouldn’t know that?

2. Appreciate Your Special Qualities

Feeling insecurity in a relation means spending a great deal of time getting up on yourself. You ‘re not measuring up. You just aren’t better enough. You don’t deserve being with such a great person. That is the kind of negative thinking comes to your mind.

Just think about how many people you have outside your relationship in your life. Don’t care about him? You have friends and family who support and admire all of your unique qualities. 

When you’re with your partner those qualities don’t end. Maybe they should be stepped it up! What is it that makes you the great person your family and friends see? 

That would be the one you want to share with your other half.

3. Seek Out the Truth 

Insecurity creates problems. Generally that implies being misinformed on a wide range of issues. 

If you have any doubt about anything, then discover the truth by asking your other half the relevant questions.Your ultimate insecurity might have to do with making them happy, or not.

The truth behind it may be you are making them happy but they internalise some other stress that needs support.

Seeking the reality will start a conversation which can bring you nearer together as a couple.

4. Control What Can You Do

You can’t stop your other half from talking to anyone. Whether at work or out in social environment, they ‘re going to have interactions with people and, yes, sometimes they’re going to be attracted to those other people.

You just don’t do the same thing? You do, of course. And that’s conversations, conversations. As much as you want you will never be able to read the mind of your better half.

You can’t listen to all their conversations, anymore. You don’t have to even know what they were all about. If there’s anything to share then they ‘re going to share. Otherwise it could just be climate talk!

5. Get to the roots

In a relation the way to overcome fear is to get to the root cause of the problems. That means a journey inward into yourself. 

It is a safe bet that you’re going to experience the feelings of insecurity in this relationship you’ve once had. In fact, for your whole life you could have been handling these insecurities around with you.

  It’s time to figure out about those causes. Maybe you would like to pursue a therapist’s approval to get there. Don’t be shamed talking to a therapist. That observations is worth the time and effort

6. Stop Falsifying Issues

How many issues in your relation are induced because you’re making things up? Whether for intentions that have nothing to do with you, your better half’s having a bad day.

What are you doing? You create a situation where their unpleasant mood is due to what you’ve done or have not done.

To go further than that, you want to figure out what’s going on really and then find a way to help them. 

Often the help will only give them the space to figure out their own way through their problems. Knowing that you are there might be what they need.

7. Stay with the Positive

In a relationship, you’ll never be able to resolve uncertainity if you remain focused on the negatives. Is that ideal relationship? Maybe not. Will this ever be so? It’s not. 

If you continue to concentrate on what is wrong then there is no hope that love can grow.You have to keep in the positive emotions. 

What’s up with you? What good times have you shared, what are you looking forward to? What are you doing here today to make that person happy? 

Staying on the strong side of things doesn’t give way to uncertainity.

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