50 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples

50 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples Who Are Bored At Home

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50 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples

This was a tiring feeling because we were going to leave home refreshed and come back sleepy.

Instead, we sat down to prepare our itineraries and build time for each other. We were on a journey for enjoyable things to do at home for couples. We built our list, and we also searched the internet for ideas that we would like to share with you all.

If you’re tired of boredom, if you’re tired of an endless journey for fun, if you’re tired of finding out what your friends’ relationships are doing and you’re ready to build your own fun list of cute couple things to do or fun things for couples to do together at home, feel free to come with me as I have put together some fun activity for couples.

1. Cuddle More

The first fun indoor activity you can do with your partner is cuddling. Throughout foreplay or after lovemaking, this may be done to help you bond and feel cozy in each other’s arms.

It has been said that corporal interactions help couples bond and increase the level of comfort and ease that takes care of anxiety.

Don’t you think it’d feel wonderful to be safe at home with your partner?

Cuddling with your partner means you feel comfortable with them, it’s a place to be fully at ease and enjoy each other’s blend of fragrances and emotions.

2. Play Card Games:

You can also play card games with your partner when you are bored at home. I enjoy playing card games, the solitaire game particularly.

My friend loves board games, such as ludo, monopoly, and scrabbles. I’m not a pro at any of the games so I’m trying to learn from him. 

I can’t explain how joyful I am when I beat my partner to that. Often he lets me win to make me happy, often we compete in duels and anyone who emerges victorious gets a coupon to be redeemed.

Sometimes we fill our game box with prizes that could be received. I look forward to playing together with my friend.

Somehow I discovered that when I started playing board games with my friend, it improves my thought skills, increases my vocabulary, and makes me happy too.

Whenever we want to make things more interesting, we always invite our friends and their partners to come over and it becomes a funhouse.

Occasionally, we bring up and discuss some contentious topics.

When we get tired of playing, we will engage in a few dances. A couple that plays together remains together, as it is popularly said.

3. Play hide and seek: 

Hide ans seek is a popular game which you can enjoy with your partner when bored at home. This game has at least two players hidden in a fixed area in which one or more seekers can find themselves.

The game is played by one chosen player who closes his eyes and counts to a specified number while the other players hide.

Upon hitting this number, the player who is “it” calls “Ready or not, I come here!” or “Coming, ready or not!” and then attempts to find all of the hidden players.

There are many ways the game can end. The player is chosen as “it” locates all players is the most common way of ending; the player first found is the loser, and is chosen as “it” in the next game. The player last found is the winner.

4. Do Some House Chores Together:

Not every couple will love to try this out because some partners might be very traditional in their belief by saying “there are roles that are compatible with their gender and as such, they can not take on roles that are meant for the opposite sex.” It all depends on the couples.

I know some couples who share house chores with each other, and others who do the work together. I know some people too who can’t be their partners.

The bottom line here is to do things that will help you bond as a couple, where you can’t engage in any form of house chores, chat with your partner while they’re working, or even offer some nice compliments while they’re doing it.

My man enjoys doing the dishes and while he does, I wipe them clean and arrange them into the plate rack.

We make amusing remarks when doing this and just play together like little kids. This is one of those fun things to do at home for couples.

I’ve found that creating fun and some bonds in our relationships can be so easy to do, it’s just that we ‘re looking at a few more complex things to do than engaging in simple yet very interesting ways to catch fun with our partners at home.

The following are some simple overlooked couple bonding activities and some fun things to do at home for couples.

5. Cook Together:

Go online together to discover new things recipes you’ve never attempted to make at home before.

Bring the shopping together, and get together without much noise in the kitchen. The cooking and dining activity with your partner can be enjoyable, fresh, romantic, and bring you closer together.

6. Plan A Movie Night Indoor:

There’s something enjoyable and special about having a romantic date night with your partner at home.

You don’t need to book any tables or stand in any lines, there’s no fear of sitting next to someone crunching loudly on popcorn at the movies, and you won’t be burdened with sitting next to a loud couple arguing at an expensive restaurant ruining the whole idea of a romantic night out.

Getting a private movie night in with the one you love is a lot more special and intimate. What’s more, what you really need is a Buydig.com Sony Blue Disc Player and a few movies of your choosing.

While it can be fun and romantic, it can also turn old and stale if you don’t spice it up every so often. 

In this way, You can make your romantic movie night as elegant and tasteful, sexy, or completely over the top as you want.

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7. Shower Together:

This is another way of engaging in body contact with your partner. When you take a shower together, you could explore, scrub, and massage each other’s bodies. This is one of the fun things couples need to do at home, particularly if they have very busy schedules that can be indulged in together. They could have some chit chats and make out too. Wouldn’t it be fun to try out?

Imagine you making some lather out of your partner’s body with some soap, that silky feeling, you could write on their skin while you shower, sing love songs to each other while you shower, or have romantic songs playing in the background. Don’t make shower time boring, it could be a tool to spice up your relationship with your partner.

50 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples

8. Eat Together:

Particularly sharing dinner in some homes is a tradition, but if possible you can take it a step further to try to share other meal times as well. It could be a cup of tea, fruit or just snacking together.

Sharing these meals allows you time to think about your day, the way you simultaneously carry out many tasks together. It could boost your partner’s appetite, too.

While dining, you might indulge in some interesting conversations such as asking your lover to spice up things that might involve amusing conversations and telling jokes and making each other laugh loudly.

9. Give Each Other A Massage:

You don’t have to be a pro to cuddle your friend at home. At home, you could have an innovative spa center because you could use homemade recipes to make your own. 

You and your partner can get involved in preparing the ingredients you want to use. Using a few basic homemade body scrubs you might give your partner a body scrub. It’s cheap, and easy to prepare at home.

10. Plan A Movie Night Indoor:

Planning a movie night indoor is also the best way to enjoy yourself with your partner. Some are not interested to sit in front of the television set and watch movie but some couples create the scene of a movie at home with th help of a projector.

11. Pillow Fights:

A pillow fight is a popular game played mainly by young children (but also by teenagers and adults), in which they participate in physical mock combat, using pillows as weapons. Play like children who have fun, hop and leap on the bed while attempting to engage your partner in a pillow fight.

12. Sing your favorite songs either together or by turn, so that you can watch the other perform.

13. Play a game of “staring without blinking”:

In this game, the couples stare at each other for a long time and see who cuts the gaze first.

14. Roleplay:

Most couples do this mostly during bedtime, the lady plays a naughty nurse while the man plays “naughty patient”. It ends up mostly in lovemaking. Roleplay is one of the fun things for couples to do at home.

15. Look at pictures together and recount events it reminds you of. Either your dating years, marriage, events and celebrations or even success at work.

16. Drop love notes around the house for your partner to pick with coupons to redeem. It could be an activity to be done which attracts a lot. You could also just tell them how you feel about them.

17. Read a storybook or novel aloud to the hearing of your spouse.

18. Work out together at home.:

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be jogging at home or even using a treadmill or even squats together.

19. Play video games together

20. Appreciate work of art.

21. Try redecorating the home together sometimes.

22. Romantic dinner for two:

When you can’t prepare meals, there is nothing wrong with buying dinner for two on your way home.

23. Shop Online together

24. Take some romantic pictures together at home.

25. Watch sports together.

26. Watch Movies.

27. Try breakfast in bed.

28. Sit in together either at the balcony or in the garden on a reclining chair.

29. Solve a word cross puzzle together:

Some newspaper has a word puzzle in its weekend special copy. Couples can use that special copy to solve the puzzle together sometimes.

30. Soak in a hot bath together:

You could take a relaxing bath in a tub by just soaking in together where you include some essential oils with relaxing fragrances and just let the aroma soothe and tantalize your senses. You can take it a step further by adding scented candles for your lightning to make a romantic time together.

31. Gaze into the sky at night to search for a wishing star, when you find one, please make a wish.

32. Have some home celebration sometimes, not for anything special but just pop a drink and make a toast for two.

33. Play some treasure hunt games.

34. Engage in pillow talks:

This is one romantic activity couples can participate in. This is where you unburden your heart, talk about each other, and how to take your relationship to another level. Here you just get lost in each other’s company, it could include saying sweet things to your mate or apologizing for the past hurts.

35. Try your hands on some coloring too even when neither of you is artistes.

36. Try the truth or dare game.

37. Play the know your partner game. Where each partner writes out questions and takes turns to ask each other to enable you to get to know each other better.

38. Couples can also take dance lessons online.

39. Take a look at maps and explore online to get to know about certain areas or dream vacation spots.

40. Listen to the news together and call in on interactive programs sometimes to participate.

41. Try out new lovemaking positions

42. Watch sports together:

Watching sports together is one of the fun things for couples to do at home. Couples shout when their favorite team wons.

43. Talk:

Sounds weird to you? Sometimes you can decide to tune out the world by turning off your phones and computers to concentrate on each other and just talk.

44. Attend music classes online.

45. Try Yoga.

46. Water the flowers together.

47. Go out of doing the ordinary. Try seeing Disney cartoons together.

48. You could create your daily to-do list together from daily activities to life goals planner.

49. Try water gunfights.

50. Create new memories.

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